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  • There are defined different project management methodologies for different classes of projects. A project management methodology is therefore tailored for the specific needs of the client.

  • Project Medium uses a hybrid version of the ID4 methodology. Initiation, Definition, Description, Development and Devolvement are the five stages this methodology. This document briefly describes the methodology that will be used for managing the clients' project throughout the project life cycle.

  • Project Management Methodology Overview:

    • Initiation: During this stage Project Medium will initiate the project or service by identifying defining service levels and standards, defining communication channels and norms and establishing benchmarks for success.

    • Definition: The aim of this stage is two fold: - a) to establish a thought process in the Client's organization and translate the same into an effective strategy that will produce results commensurate with the client's business goals. b) To elicit, analyze and explicitly document the requirements for the interface design as well as the functional requirements of the site.

    • Description: The aim of this stage is to plan and formally document the activities needed to realize the requirements captured and specified in the Definition stageluding the project scope, estimates of software size, effort, schedule, content and development activities and deadlines, milestones and associated deliverables, vendor resources allocated and responsibilities.

    • Development: - The development stage involves translating the business strategy and the specified requirements related to form and function of the application into reality. This stage is the sole responsibility of Project Medium, who ensures that the project is managed in line with the documented Project Plan and that it is kept on schedule and in budget. At each major step client approvals and sign offs are taken to ensure that the project remains in line with the requirements. The client will be provided with access to a secure Project site to facilitate communication among all concerned people from the client and Project Medium. Further the Project site will have all the status reports and progress charts posted to it periodically if provided by chosen vendor.

    • Devolvement: - This phase rounds off the assignment for the client. From this point onwards, newer and future strategies are defined, success of the project is analyzed, training, support and documentation are given, final payments are made and roll out plans are put in place. At this point in time, activities related to ongoing maintenance of the application, update schedules and future development etc. are planned in detail. The above methodology ensures that the project achieves the desired results within the time and cost constraints.