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Organic Search Engine Listings

  • Organic search results out perform sponsored listings by a huge margin - it pays to be listed as the authoritative website for the search phrase, organically. 80% of websites are found on the Search Engines. 58% of search queries are 3 or more words. Over 75% of Internet searchers will NOT go beyond the first results page - it pays to be well ranked, organically. The CTR (Click Through Rate) drops, exponentially, from the first position on down - if you're in a competitive space, the top positions will be your primary competition. You need to be "visible" - strong rankings on the top engines.

  • Project Medium founder, Brad Holland, is an advanced certified SEO ToolSet™ analyst. We utilize the top tools in the industry and Best Practice methodologies for our organic Search Engine Marketing campaigns. This means we put your business on the path of becoming THE AUTHORITY in your space on the Internet. or-gan-ic | adjective: Characterized by continuous and natural development. Organic search research, strategy and optimization. Continuously and naturally developing your Internet properties for high rankings.

  • By combining business consulting, performance evaluation, system reform, marketing and, finally, certified SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysts, Project Medium can take your company's goals and turn them into a highly targeted, strategic, ROI based business program that will drive your website into the right location on the SERPS.

  • Optimizing a web presence through a Project Medium team starts with your business model, then gets technical. Before your website is reviewed, your business is assessed, market evaluated, competition researched and the "landscape" discovered. Then we dive into your technical environment, website theme, page topics, use of content, linking, etc - your organic campaign is planned and executed as a business program, by Internet business consultants.